What Are Some Foods That Cause Acne

What Are Some Foods That Cause Acne
A more popular question that many acne sufferers commonly ask is which foods should I take to get rid of my acne. However, something that is often avoided is what are some foods that cause acne for me that I should be avoiding? It’s easy to add more new foods into our diet that may better our acne, but it’s quite difficult to remove the foods that we’re used to and love out of our diets. So here’s a short list that will teach you about what are some foods that cause acne. Keep in mind these are in no particular order, so #5 could be just as important to avoid as #1.

1.  Chocolate – I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. Personally for me I can eat my fair share of chocolate a few times per week and not notice any bad effects on my skin. However, if you are one who likes to destroy packs of chocolate candy on a daily basis and also suffer from acne, definitely look into giving it up for a few weeks to see if it changes your skin.

2. Dairy Products – This is a highly controversial topic and we’ve written a post Drinking Milk and Acne.I personally can see the effects that drinking a lot of milk can have on my skin, and when I gave it up my acne started to improve rapidly. I also convinced my younger brother to try it, and it helped him as well. Many people will say you’re wrong to think so, but I think that’s because it’s a genetic problem. You might be born with the ability to consume dairy or not; but most people fall somewhere in between and don’t even realize the harmful effects it might be causing your body.

Here are a few more foods to look into, each one has it’s own respected reasons that may or may not be true for your particular body. So do your own research and testing to figure out what are some foods that cause acne.

Spicy Foods
Soda Beverages
Fried Foods
Too Many Carbohydrates
Specific Nuts & Seeds (possibly peanut butter)
Fast Food
Pizza (this may go along with greasy foods)
Processed Sugary Foods

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